About Us

SciGenom Research Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, is working to promote Science in India through research and education.

Currently the foundation is involved in a number of research initiatives that are typically not funded by government agencies, but identified as scientifically relevant and important in consultation with our scientific advisory board. We have on going research activities spanning Agriculture, Animal health, Biodiversity, Genomics and Human Health. The ongoing projects include the study of genomics of colored rice, metagenomics of rivers in India, wild elephant viral disease genomics, tea looper biocontrol agent development, familial cancer genomics and human genome variation studies » Read More.

The Latest from SciGenom Research Foundation

  • 2016 NGBT Conference will take place at Le Meridien, Cochin, India from Oct 3rd – 5th » Read More

  • The 2016 Genome grant application has be closed. Appreciate you submitting a proposal. We have received an overwhelming number of applications. » Read More

  • 2015 SGRF Excellence in Science Awards, a prize setup to recognize excellence in Science in India, were awarded to Dr. Ivan Dikic, Director, Goethe University Medical School, Germany, at the 2015 NGBT meeting, Hyderabad, India. » Read More